Download a Case Study to Learn About an SO2 Scrubber for Geothermal Plants

Learn about the following features of Envitech's packed bed SO2 scrubber to treat the exhaust gas of a thermal oxidizer at a geothermal plant:

  • Proprietary quencher design that captures 99% of particulate > 5 micron.
  • Skid mounted dual pumps (1 opr/1 spare) with pre-piped and valved instruments pre-wired to a junction box.
  • High efficiency, low pressure drop packing with high void spaces to prevent material accumulation and fouling.
  • Free standing stub stack with sample  test ports and access platforms for maintenance and stack testing.
  • Material selection that provides protection from corrosion attack and the outdoor elements.


Download our case study now to learn more details about Envitech's geothermal plant SO2 scrubber.

Download Case Study