Envitech's Six Step Process

1 Evaluation

Envitech's design modeling procedures ensure its customers receive the highest possible quality for an economical investment in the solution to their needs.

2 Proposal

Based on the client's technical requirements, the project engineer prepares a detailed equipment proposal. To ensure that a quality product is delivered on schedule, Envitech's proposal outlines project management, quality control and client support considerations.

3 Design

Envitech engineers use state-of-the-art AutoCAD™ and SolidWorks™ design systems in the detailed design phase of equipment projects. Before equipment manufacturing begins, the client reviews and approves an engineering submittal document specifying all major components and sub-systems.

4 Manufacture and Testing

Through 25 Years of experience in the air pollution control business Envitech has developed a trusted group of sub-contractors for assisting in delivering a quality product. This allows Envitech to keeps its costs low so that it can provide more value-for-the-dollar to its customers. All Envitech systems are assembled and tested prior to shipment.

5 Shipping and Logistics

Most systems are shipped skid-mounted ready for immediate installation and start-up.

6 Installation and Start-up

Envitech technical personnel are available to assist during installation, start-up and performance testing.