Envitech is a leading supplier of air pollution control systems for a wide range of emission sources including incineration, mineral and chemical processing, renewable energy production, and oil and metal refining.

For more than four decades Envitech has pioneered major advancements in air pollution control technology.  In the 1970's this included more than 90 percent of all EPA-sponsored wet scrubber research, and during the 1980's it meant being the first to develop and install air pollution control systems for newly regulated dioxins/furans and heavy metal emissions from incinerators. 

During the energy crisis of the late 1970's, Envitech personnel conducted much of the early research on syngas clean-up from coal gasification and fluidized bed combustion.  Concern for global climate change in recent years coupled with high oil prices has generated renewed interest in clean and renewable energy sources.  Envitech has led the charge with extensive work in gasification and pyrolysis from biomass and waste, biofuels, and other renewable energy projects.

air pollution control company  

Envitech has supplied

more than 500

air pollution control systems

throughout the world.

More than 500 Envitech air pollution control systems have been installed throughout the world for a wide range of applications. These include mineral processing, pot ash mining, metal refining, waste oil and primary oil refining, lead smelting, geothermal and renewable power generation, ethanol production, industrial, medical, and hazardous waste incineration, sewage sludge processing, and sulfite pulp, ceramic tile, plastic, tire, glass, and insulation manufacturing. Many of these applications treat hot gases from thermal processes including kilns, furnaces, roasters, dryers, incinerators, hazardous waste combustors, thermal oxidizers, gasifiers, and pyrolizers.

Envitech is a licensed general contractor and can provide turn-key solutions including assisting with air permits, obtaining construction permits, installing equipment, and providing on-site project management. Our staff includes full-time field service engineers to perform start-up services and provide long term support to keep your equipment operating in optimum condition.

  Envitech air pollution control

 systems are based on years

of research and are backed-up

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air pollution control company