Envitech gas cleaning system components are flexible enough to improve performance in many cases without replacing the entire gas cleaning system. The following components are utilized in retrofits.

    The Quencher provides turbulence to saturate the gas while collecting large particulate matter and absorbing acid gases. This efficient gas-conditioning step reduces the demand on the downstream components by ensuring a steady gas flow through the system.
    The Condenser/Absorber sub-cools and scrubs the acids from the gas. Water vapor in the gas stream is removed by condensation, lowering the energy requirements. Heavy metals -- mercury, lead and cadmium -- are condensed and collected. In addition, the Condenser/Absorber causes the fine particles and heavy metals to condense and grow in mass, resulting in enhanced removal efficiency.
    Envitech's Venturi Scrubber uses fine drop atomization to create large surface areas for efficient collection of particulate matter and acid gases. No spray nozzles are used. This allows re-circulation of the scrubbing liquid without the typical problem of plugged nozzles or piping.
    Envitech's high-efficiency, multi-stage waveform Entrainment Separator effectively collects fine droplets from the gas stream while operating at a low-pressure drop. The removal of water droplets from the gas stream is extremely important because the presence of any entrained liquid degrades system performance.
    Envitech's WEP uses high-intensity ionization disks mounted on a central discharge electrode. This geometry concentrates the charging field in the zone between the disc and the collection tube. This disk-in-tube geometry allows for the formation of a stable, intense, electrostatic field for particle charging. The field strength can be maintained at high levels with minimal sparking, resulting in the highest efficiency available.