Envitech Pyrolysis Scrubber Used for Waste-to-Energy Conversion

Pyrolysis has a long history of industrial use and can be used as a suitable waste-to-energy conversion technology. This will become an increasingly attractive alternative waste disposal solution as landfills begin reaching capacity. Pyrolysis is the chemical decomposition of organic materials by heating in the absence of oxygen which generates a synthetic fuel (syngas). The syngas can be either combusted directly in a boiler for steam power generation or combusted in a internal combustion engine (ICE) to produce electricity.

Pyrolysis Scrubber

Pyrolysis syngas contains pollutants including sub-micron particulate matter, tars, sulfur compounds, ammonia, and HCl. These pollutants must be removed before the syngas is used in downstream energy recovery processes. The Envitech pyrolysis scrubber captures these pollutants, providing a reliable emissions control system for waste-to-energy conversion.