Envitech Secondary Lead Smelter Scrubber Reduces HAPs Emissions

A secondary lead smelter recycles lead acid car batteries. Extensive pollution control equipment is used to control multiple emission sources, including wet scrubbers and bag-houses. Despite these controls, there was a need to reduce specific contaminants further to meet tough regulatory standards for hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). An innovative solution was needed to capture low concentrations of specific contaminants that pass through the system as condensable particulate.

secondary lead smelter scrubber

The Envitech secondary lead smelter scrubber uses an integrated packed bed condenser/absorber with a wet electrostatic precipitator to reduce specific air contaminants by approximately 90%, significantly reducing toxic emissions. Multiple exhaust stacks are combined into one stack, reducing the annual cost to perform stack testing. The use of sub-cooling eliminates the visible steam plume under most climatic conditions, which reduces the profile of the plant within the community. The air quality district considers the system to be the best available technology, and some experts believe the facility is now the cleanest secondary lead smelting facility in the world.