Venturi Scrubber

Envitech's Venturi Scrubber efficiently removes sub-micron dust particles from the gas stream. The inlet handles gases to 230ºC (450ºF). A quencher added to the inlet accommodates higher temperature gas streams.

The scrubbing liquid is introduced through open pipes -- not nozzles -- into the Venturi throat. This ensures uniform liquid distribution, eliminating wet/dry line build-up in the fully wetted section.

Dust-laden gas and scrubbing liquid collide in the throat. This disperses the liquid into drops on which the particles impact and become trapped. An optional adjustable throat allows flexible operation with varying flow rates or dust concentrations.

An Envitech Entrainment Separator efficiently removes drops from the gas stream. An integral recycle tank may be supplied as an option. Completing the design, the outlet may be either vertical or horizontal.