Geothermal Power Generation

Geothermal power generation produces a sustainable source of energy by converting superheated fluids from the earth’s geothermal resources into electrical energy. The exhaust from a geothermal power plant contains sulfur compounds, the majority of which is hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This gas stream is the passed through a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to oxidize the sulfur compounds to sulfur dioxide (SO2). Envitech’s packed bed scrubber removes the SO2 before the exhaust stream is vented to the atmosphere.

Many geothermal facilities are located in desert climates where temperatures exceed 105oF in the summer. Envitech’s SO2 scrubbers are designed to operate in this extreme climatic condition. Envitech has installations at both Cal Energy and ORMAT near the Salton Sea in El Centro, CA.

Exhaust Sources:

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxydizer (RTO)


  • Acid Gas: SO2