Envitech Syngas Scrubber Used for Waste-to-Energy

The Envitech syngas scrubber provides a syngas cleaning system for waste-to- energy production at a lumber facility. A small gasifier (< 1 MW) is used to gasify wood chips that are a byproduct of sawmill operations. The syngas produced by the gasifier is combusted in a dual fuel internal combustion engine (ICE) to produce electricity. Waste energy from the ICE in the form of hot water is used for drying lumber in a drying kiln at the site.

syngas scrubber

During biomass gasification, various pollutants may be produced depending on the type of gasifier and the compositipon of the biomass material. The pollutants can include sub-micron particulate matter, tars, ammonia, HCl, and sulfur compounds. These pollutants must be removed before the biomass is combusted. The Envitech syngas scrubber captures these pollutants, providing a reliable syngas scrubber system for biomass waste-to-energy plants.