Envitech's Tar Removal Scrubber Used for Biomass Gasification

Small-scale (< 20 MW) biomass-fueled power plants offer great potential for low-cost, efficient energy. Biomass gasification is a thermal destruction process that makes synthetic fuel (syngas) as an end result. Biomass such as distillery or wood waste is fed into a gasifier to generate syngas. The syngas is then used as fuel in an internal combustion engine (ICE) that drives a generator to produce electricity.

tar removal scrubber

During biomass gasification, various pollutants may be produced depending on the type of gasifier and the composition of the biomass material. The pollutants can include sub-micron particulate matter, tars, ammonia, HCl, and sulfur compounds. These pollutants must be removed before the biomass is combusted. The Envitech tar removal scrubber captures these pollutants through the use of Envitech air pollution control systems unique to biomass gasification.