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Sulfite Pulp Mill Scrubber / WESP Case Study

Posted by Andy Bartocci on Mon, Nov 26, 2012 @ 08:43 AM

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A specialty cellulose provider, Tembec,Sulfite Pulp Mill Scrubber is upgrading a sulfite pulping mill in Eastern Canada to incorporate a new red liquor recovery boiler for power generation.  The boiler system increases annual green energy production by up to 40-megawatts, reduces sulfur dioxide emissions by 70%, and increases annual production capacity of specialty cellulose by 5,000 metric tonnes.  The off-gas from the recovery boiler contains a high concentration of SO2 which needs to be recovered for re-use in the production process. 

A cost effective solution was needed to recover sulfur and clean the stack gases to meet stringent particulate and SO2 emission limits.  The plant is located in a high labor rate area, which makes a field erected system very expensive due to lengthy installation time.

A case study is now available to describe how an Envitech scrubber/wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) system solves this problem.

Please click on the icon below to download the case study.

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Topics: particulate control, Venturi scrubbers, Scrubbers, SO2 Scrubber, wet electrostatic precipitators