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Coal Dryer Venturi Scrubber Case Study for a 582 MW Power Plant

Posted by Andy Bartocci on Tue, Nov 27, 2012 @ 08:44 AM

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A 582-megawatt (MW) electric generating plantVenturi Scrubber, coal dryer scrubber in Kemper County Mississippi is being built. The process uses locally mined lignite coal for fuel which contains 40% moisture.  The coal must be dried before it is converted to syngas in the gasifier.

Six (6) fluidized bed dryers dry the coal with a combined exhaust gas flow rate of 2.1 MM cfm.  A cost effective means was needed to remove particulate and moisture from the exhaust gas before it is recycled back to the dryers.

A case study is now available to describe how an Envitech Venturi scrubber-condenser solves this problem.

Please click on the icon below to download the case study.

Download  Case Study 


Follow the link to a previous blog post to download a presentation on this project from the 2012 Coal-Gen Conference.

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