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Ultra Low SO2 Scrubber Case Study for a Waste Oil Re-Refiner

Posted by Andy Bartocci on Wed, Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:39 AM

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A waste oil re-refiner in Southern California, Demenno Kerdoon,waste oil re-refiner SO2 scrubber needed to retrofit an SO2 scrubber downstream of a thermal oxidizer. The oxidizer treats vapor recovery and waste gas streams containing sulfur compounds.  California has some of the toughest standards in the country and required the facility to meet a permit limit of 2.7 ppmv. This limit exempts the facility from the SCAQMD SOx Reclaim program saving reporting and administrative costs.

A case study is now available to describe how an Envitech ultra low SO2 scrubber solved this problem.

Please click on the icon below to download the case study.

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 Follow the link to a previous blog post on this project to download a white paper from the international conference on thermal treatment technologies and hazardous waste combustors (IT3/HWC).




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