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Guest Blog: CFD Analysis

Posted by Andy Olds on Mon, Oct 26, 2009 @ 10:48 AM

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Digital DimensionsI am very excited to announce that we will be publishing our first special guest blog post tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27.  The topic of the blog will be CFD analysis in air pollution control systems.

Our guest blog author is Mike Simon, Director of Simulation Products at Digital Dimensions.  Mike is a former SolidWorks/Cosmos Technical Manager and he has 10 years of FEA/CFD experience at companies such as General Atomics and General Dynamics.  Mike earned a BSME from UCSD, a MSME from Stanford, and a MBA from USD.  I am sure you will find his article very interesting.

A little more background Digital Dimensions...In addition to being an authorized reseller of Solidworks, Digital Dimensions hosts a variety of Solidworks training sessions, including topics such as structural analysis, flow simulation, and heat transfer - all tools available in the Solidworks design package.  I personally have benefited tremendously from the training sessions, and would recommend it to anyone interested in CFD or structural analysis using 3D models.  I use the CFD analysis on many of our Venturi scrubber designs as well as for our wet electrostatic precipitators.

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