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Venturi Scrubber Throat Design for Large Gas Flow Processes

Posted by Andy Bartocci on Mon, May 03, 2010 @ 07:36 AM

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In previous blog posts, I have discussed how a key to particle collection in a Venturi scrubber is maintaining uniform water distribution across the Venturi throat to collide with particles.  This presents a Venturi scrubber design challenge for large volumetric gas flow rate processes.  The difficulty becomes getting water across a large cross sectional area  without any void spaces for particles to escape through.  Often times, the solution may be to simply split the gas flow into multiple trains.  However, this increases capital costs for additional ductwork and piping andVenturi Scrubber design takes up more real estate. It is always desirable to minimize the equipment footprint and maintain the gas flow in one train.

To achieve this objective, Envitech uses a proprietary Venturi throat design that has been used on large gas flow rates processes, including foundries and purified teraphthalic acid (PTA) plants. The proprietary design has an internal construction that ensures uniform water distribution throughout the Venturi throat cross sectional.

The adjacent image shows a picture of an Envitech Venturi/Quencher constructed from Hastelloy C276 used for a PTA plant with a gas flow rate of 530,000 acfm.  This type of Venturi design may be used on other large gas flow rate processes like a coal dryer system for a coal gasification plant which can have a gas flow rate as large as 300,000 to 400,000 acfm. 

For another large flow Venturi application, read our case study on particulate removal for a coal dryer.

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